How to get along with the debt collector?

Debt collection can be associated with continuous calls, harassment and even intimidation. These are only human inventions or activities of companies that have nothing to do with typical debt recovery. The myth is also the image of a debt collector who is associated with a gentleman without a large attitude. What is the truth? In the article below we will present step by step how to talk to a debt collector and what to do when you call us.

Debt collection is not pleasant, but we really let it happen. It is the last step before submitting the case to court, so it is important to amicably resolve the dispute over unpaid credit at this stage.

Who is a debt collector?

Who is a debt collector?

Contrary to popular belief, debt collectors are very educated people often in the field of law who have undergone a series of trainings to be in this position. They can talk to people and listen to their needs which is very important in this profession. Their negotiation techniques are effective in solving problems. This may be surprising to us, but most of the positions are occupied by women.

Thanks to their positive attitude and empathy, their main goal is to get along with the debtor, but this does not always happen. Often, the debtor invents uncreated stories as a reason for not settling the debt. Debt collectors will notice the lies very quickly and if the person in debt continues to do so, it only works to his disadvantage.

The debt collector knows that our debt is due to the lack of payment for the obligation, for example a loan with a guarantor. It makes no sense to pretend before recovery but it’s best to tell the truth. With a debt collector you can get along only need to say things truthful. Because if we keep our website in mind, the entire debt collection process may end with a bailiff’s visit to our house or to our bank account.

How to get along with the debt collector?

How to get along with the debt collector?

The debt collection department will most often contact the debtor by phone. Each rejection of such a combination exposes us to paying off high interest on the loan, because the longer the debt case lasts, the greater the debt will want the financial company for lack of timeliness. The faster we settle the matter the better. Of course, it’s not like if we talk to the debt collector, he’ll cancel the debt. The whole conversation with the debt collector is to resolve the matter of repayment, not its liquidation.

If you changed your telephone number during the loan agreement, you must inform the creditor. If we do not do this and our commitment is not settled on time, the debt collection department will not be able to reach us – you will not be able to reach an agreement with the debt collector. If we do not want to be entered in the KRD database, we must remember to settle the matter amicably. The debt collector as the representative of the lender will care about this, and you should.

It is also worth listening carefully to the proposals of the debt collector and presenting the actual reasons for the lack of repayment. Debt collector approaches each problem individually and you will certainly find a solution that will be tailored to your financial situation. For some, the solution may be an application for repayment in installments, while for others it may be something completely different. It all depends on the reason for the lack of payment to the loan company’s account and the current financial situation.

Debt collector is not an enemy


When we take out loans for those with no debt we are aware of the consequences when we stop paying them off. We are exposed to entering our name in the debtors’ databases, contacting the debt collector and, as a last resort, bailiff’s execution. If we do not want the case to go to court, we should agree with the debt collector.

Each of us makes mistakes. Some consciously do not. If we think the work of the debt collector is bad, we can complain about the debt collector. Of course, we must have the basis for this action. It may seem to us that the debt collector does not want to get along with us, and to a large extent we invent different stories, which results in a lack of credibility. It is worth being honest and calm during a conversation with a debt collector, and we will definitely get out of the whole situation satisfied.