Loan For Plastic Surgery: Is It Worth It?

Plastic surgery is one of the least spoken areas of medicine. Among the current health news, we rarely see publications in this area. It can either be for body reconstruction or just to satisfy a desire to change some part of the body with which one is less satisfied.

Successful especially among the female audience, it is a high investment and that is why we have evaluated whether it is worth making a personal credit for plastic surgery. How much is your appearance worth?

Since time immemorial, beauty has been a field much worked by the feminine universe. From the war paintings in prehistory, vanity is a feeling that has been built, evolving from the emergence of makeup to the present varieties of aesthetic operations. What would the market economy be without women?

But plastic surgery is not just for beauty whims – in this case cosmetic surgery – it may be necessary for reconstruction after a car accident, for example, or some physical birth defect – in which case it is assumed. reconstructive.

For either case, it is not exactly cheap and that is why applying for a phased loan may even be essential. And in what cases can it compensate? Let’s see.

Emergency always has priority

Emergency always has priority

For many people, having a plastic operation is not a wish, but a necessity in the face of a less happy occurrence. It was the case of Ana, whose carelessness in the kitchen because of simple croquettes caused by a fire that burned out of her face, one arm and hands.

In this sense, Ana had to resort to reconstructive plastic surgery to recover (as much as possible) her appearance before the accident. Since she did not have the necessary amount to be treated, she had no alternative but to apply for a plastic surgery loan for this purpose.


We should all be happy with what we have (but… no!)

We should all be happy with what we have (but hellip; no!)

A genetic defect may also justify the use of this type of medical intervention. Antonio was born with a lip slit and had to be operated on as a baby, having a scar on his lip and also some inaccuracies in his nose.

Not being happy with the appearance of the scar in adulthood, he decided to resort to reconstructive surgery to increase self-esteem and never worried about it again. This is another case in which plastic surgery has become inevitable.


What if it’s a purely aesthetic interest?

surgery loan

Out of trouble, there are those who resort to plastic surgery to, for example, put silicone implants on the lips and breast augmentation, as did Isabel. For her, it was a matter of self-esteem that she had wanted to solve since she was a teenager. As this was a cost of around 5,000 dollars, it needed to resort to a loan for plastic surgery.

When she sees herself in the mirror every day, Isabel confirms that she more than made up for the financial effort. In this way he was able to satisfy a long-standing desire without ruining his wallet. For those who want to feel better with their physical appearance, especially now in beach time and lighter clothes, the opportunity cost of giving up money is low.


Loan for Plastic Surgery: Deciding the Financing Form

Loan for Plastic Surgery: Deciding the Financing Form

The key is not to come to the conclusion that you need funding to use plastic surgery (because you most likely do), but rather to understand which modality best suits your needs. One cannot forget that a loan is a loan that needs to be repaid, and with interest. Therefore, one has to be conscious.

When researching market solutions in the various banks and financial institutions, think ahead of time how long will you be willing to repay the loan (two years? Three years?) And then compare the APR, which is the interest rate associated with personal credit, including interest charges, commissions, credit insurance costs and processing expenses, thus representing the true value of the loan.

You can also find out if the clinic in question has agreements with any financial institution.